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        BlackBerry UEM Cloud

        Product Troubleshooting and Support

        Getting Started

        Choose one of the options below to learn more and to get started with BlackBerry UEM Cloud.



        View tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions with screenshots to active devices on BlackBerry UEM.

        Devices Image

        Smartphone Activation

        View tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions with active devices on BlackBerry UEM.


        Here you will find guides for:


        • Product overview, prerequisite and planning
        • Installation, upgrades, and configuration
        • Daily administration
        • Getting started guides for all smartphones

        Other documentation:

        View tutorials and book training on UEM Cloud:

        • Instructor-led training
        • Free Web-based training
        View Expert Videos

        To Download UEM tools, Resources or Server Software login to myAccount.

        Inside BlackBerry Blog

        The Inside BlackBerry Business Blog is devoted to keeping you updated on BlackBerry Enterprise Software news, events, tips, tricks and more.

        Join the Conversation

        BlackBerry UEM / BES Versions

        BlackBerry UEM

        Learn more and get started with BlackBerry UEM.


        Learn more and get started with BES12.


        Learn more and get started with BES5.


        BlackBerry Admins manage your enterprise software and support without the need to pick up the phone. Search the enterprise knowledge base and documentation, view forums, as well as create or view support cases, download software and manage your licenses.

        Premium Support

        Do you have?Premium Support? Contact us 24x7x365. We offer quick response times and priority routing?to tier 3 analysts for businesses with?mission-critical needs.